Our Approach

Aesthetic Medicine is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Each patient is unique, with a set of genetics and specific environments, which lead to differences in skin condition, skin turgor, pigmentation issues and hormonal effects.  Diet and toxicity also create a burden on skin that many clients are unaware of.  A slight change in level of hydration or sleep can reduce the need for filler, improve skin tone and turgor and increase cell regenerative capacity and we look at all these in addition to the cosmetic treatments clients are seeking.   

Our promise to you is phenomenal results always and to do that, we care for your skin from the inside out.   We will never offer treatments that will not work just because the spa down the street is doing it, if it is not right for YOU.  Our results speak for themselves.  

Come and experience the Sanitas difference and fall in love with your skin again.

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