Sexual Rejuvenation Assessment

Many patients suffer from problems related to sexual dysfunction.  Issues such as inability to orgasm, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, small penis size and vaginal laxity, labial disfigurement post labor, concern many patients but they are not aware that these are medical issues, rather than merely social issues.  Decreased ability to orgasm, vaginal dryness may be related to hormone dysfunction, mood disorders or adrenal dysfunction.  Erectile dysfunction may be hormonal as well as related to mood and social anxiety.  

We offer a sexual health assessment and can offer therapies such as PRP injections, dermal filler to increase penis size, laser and PRP, laser and RF therapies applied to vaginal lips and walls to improve laxity, vaginal aesthetics and decrease urinary incontinence, improve orgasmic ability, as well as nutritional supplements, hormone assessments and treatments to improve strength of orgasm, sexual endurance to bring vitality back to you and your partners sex life. 

If these are concerns that you or your partner share, contact us for a confidential assessment today and get started on the road to sexual satisfaction.  

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