Peels and Microdermabrasion/microneedling

Peels and abrasive treatments are the mainstay of good skin health, nurturing and turning over skin cells and removing dead, dull, flaky skin to reveal the fresh new skin below. 

Skin is has one of the highest rates of cell turnover.  As we age, this process slows down, becomes more inefficient and leads to dull, dry skin with large pores.  Uneven pigment accumulation as well as sun damage from longterm sun exposure also contributes as environment and accumulated poor dietary habits and toxin exposure create blotchy, red/brown uneven pigments and rough looking skin. 

While Botox and filler get all the press, the underdogs for true skin care lie in the abrasives that remove dead skin and improve cell turnover.  This is where dermapen needling, microdermasion, and microblading are useful.

As the base treatment in your skincare regimen, you should do abrasive treatments at least weekly to improve skin turnover as well as use conditioning serums and brighteners to lighten pigment, reduce accumulation of melanin and to keep pores looking smoother and finer.  For acne sufferers, good skin care with peels, microneedling and some serums along with LED light therapy can prevent new acne from forming, as well as prevent acne scarring.  If you suffer from acne scars, talk to us about how to reduce the pitting, improve the surface texture of your skin and stop acne from destroying your beautiful skin.  

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