Have done several ViPeel peels now, using both the Original and the Advanced as well as the Purified Plus for darker skin.  Have to say, the ease of application is remarkable.  I did one on myself to try to get rid of some of the rough skin I have accumulated over the last few years and was very pleasantly surprised by the results on my darker skin.  I was worried initially due to risk of hyperpigmentation but felt that this would work since ViPeel has been formulated with a focus on being universally applicable to all skin types.  

It took 10mins to apply the peel which I could have done myself but asked my colleague, David to do to ensure that the application was even.  It burned slightly once applied but blowing a fan took care of that and within 10mins, I was done.  Because the peel is a leave on peel, I worked with it on and starting 4h later, did the at home wash and application of the products that come with the peel pack.  

By Day one, my skin felt refreshed, a bit tight but their awesome moisurizer which comes in the pack did a great job of softening the feel.  By Day 3, the peeling started.  Between Day 3 and 5, I had peeling from around my mid face - nose, mouth and forehead then going slowly out to the sides of my face.  It was awesome.  I had seen the great effects on other members of the team as well as on patients but still, wanted to see what my results would be like.  

i took pics daily during the process using the ViPeel app which gave you day by day directions about how to apply the post care products in the AM, and PM.  It was EASY!!!

I'm now post peel and thrilled with the result.  I had heavy under eye dark circles which I cant see now, my lateral face had thick skin with large pores which have disappeared.  My melasma on the 'apples' of my cheeks has lightened significantly with just one application  --- YEEHAA!!!!!  and my skin feels nice and soft again and the skin tone is even.  

I'm not usually vain, and I love being my age, feeling as I do that I have earned my stripes and love who I am and the skin I'm in but I cant stop staring at myself in the mirror because my skin tone is so even....and the skin is so soft....

I cant wait for 4 weeks when I'll do my next peel, although it is a toss-up for me which one to do...ViPeel or Dermapen Needling which I also love especially with rejuvenating!!

I'll keep you posted.

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