Sanitas offers our clients cutting edge therapies that give fast results and minimal downtime.  Because our doctor is an owner-practitioner, not just a 'supervising director' like other beauty spas, we can do combination treatments in conjunction with medical therapy to help you achieve MASSIVE results.
  • Want good skin fast, contact us and let our ViPeel branded products clear your acne, reduce pigment, improve skin tone and decrease pores.  
  • Need a bikini bod in a hurry, our Physiq machine delivers with a stunning combo product that melts fat and builds muscle for toning in one treatment.  No loose skin after your body treatment either.   
  • Sanitas is committed to safe aesthetics and stands by our promise to use safe, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly products on you.  This is an integral part of our wellness philosophy. 
  •  BOOK AN APPT to see how we can get you looking your best with best in class technologies in anti-aging, anti-wrinkling, hair loss reversal, body sculpting, and more.

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