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At Sanitas, Skin is our passion.  Making you brighten, glow and show your inner and outer beauty is constantly what drives us.  We know and understand skin, and want to share that passion with you.  We are constantly evolving and searching for the latest and greatest skin enhancing treatments out there and pride ourselves on bringing you the best in class treatments for skin.  While many people think spending a lot of money is how to get great skin, we focus on how doing a few things WELL can protect, liven and enhance your skin.  This includes esthetic treatments, as well as lifestyle choices and supplements, that give you the skin you are looking for long-term.  Ask us about how to help you grow great hair as well.

So what do we do….

We do BOTOX, yes we do… alone or in combination with our other treatments, we can tailor a perfect solution for you, focused on bringing out your best features.  In beauty, one size doesn’t fit all.  We are about results, not just selling treatments.  We guarantee you’ll be back and will rave about our results.  We use Botox for both esthetic and medical treatments.  Whether you need your frown lines, glabella folds or crows feet smoothed out, or even your cute bunny wrinkle terminated, so you don't end up with a divot on your nose, we are about planning the future of your skin to prevent problem lines from forming.

We do FILLER, oh yeah!  Frown lines, sunken cheeks and sagging mid-face leading to marionette lines, nasolabial folds and dark under-eye bags can be treated.   Unlike other beauty brands out there, we use a gentle touch.  Our goal is not to sell as much filler as we can, but to build and contour a face that is natural, retains your facial symmetry and doesn’t make you look like a dough boy.  It is a thing!!!  Doing filler well, requires a delicate touch and that is what we promise.  Our patients will not be in the 'how not to do filler' pics on Pinterest.  Be prepared for a full consultation, not just a 'walk-in, get botox, walk out" kind of spa experience.  We will spend time getting to know you, know your why and what your long-term skin expectations are...its not just about today, it is about 10y from today...

We do RF needling, PRP and PRF for skin repair and hair regrowth, as well as micro-needling and exclusively use ViPeel branded chemical peels which are absolutely awesome, and work for all skin types. Pigmentation, melasma, large pores and acne all disappear leaving smooth kissable skin behind.  We stand by our results and are proud of what we achieve.

In body contouring, we are no slouches either because what is a beautiful face without the body to match…

Check out our Physiq Body Contouring with innovative S.T.E.P. technology which allows us to treat both your fatty deposits, while toning the muscle for a one treatment solution to your problem areas.  In 4-5 treatments, even stubborn love handles get the heave-ho.  Ask us about how we can provide targeted solutions for saggy arms, inner thigh sag, those unsightly outer thigh bulges and the ring around your middle.  Yes, we can handle bra fat as well. 

One of our favorite treatments, an oldie but goodie is our Subnovii Plasma pen treatments…seriously, this workhorse WORKS!!!  Even better, it returns your face back to your normal level of skin tightness, without adding bulk.  Want to have a blepharoplasty without surgery…this is one of the BEST treatments out there for lid lag and under eye bags and works A TREAT on that turkey neck sag and chin bags, as well.  Call us for a full FREE consultation and learn how our medical esthetic team can help you reach your beauty goals without making you look like you’ve had work done. 

Call us, you’ll be glad you did.  David, Lynette and Dr. Akua are waiting to help you get to your goals.  Our mission is to be the one-stop solution for all your beauty needs, so if you are looking for an ethical brand that is invested in YOU, call us, you’ll be thrilled with your results.

Psst!!!  if you want better sexual health as well, we can help.  Just ask about a private consultation with Dr. A and we can talk about how some of our treatments can lead to better female orgasms, treat erectile dysfunction and more....

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